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In late 2019, Vic Gregg founded Gen-Z, emo-throwback metalcore outfit. Members Ron Bernhaut, Theo Chaouat, and Ben Sonsire-Cummings complete the aesthetic onslaught that comprises Pistacia’s live show—in the scene’s dearth of energetic performance, the quartet found their niche, bringing blistering riffs to tight compact venues with pure animus and palpable vitriol. They have a nostalgia-borne affinity for all things emo and maintain a reckless proclivity for gothic imagery and provocative allure. With a marriage between heavy breakdowns, catchy choruses, and pathos-driven lyrics, Pistacia is that edgy, rebellious act you’ve been craving. 

Meet the band


Vic Gregg is the dynamic Gen-Z singer/songwriter and band leader of the hardcore group Pistacia—a moniker drawn from the ancient practice of Egyptian mummification. With over a decade of classical voice and Polynesian and hula dance training, Gregg focuses on bringing a unique flavor to the Boston metal scene with Pistacia.  Her songwriting wrestles with topics ranging from income inequality, to physical and emotional abuse, and her ongoing conflict with mental illness. 

Guitarist Théo Chaouat was born a dual citizen to a French father. Having to learn English at the age of 4, he developed an early aptitude for auditory learning. Chaouat studied classical piano and flamenco guitar before developing an affinity for heavy metal, with its syncopated, morose and enigmatic tendencies.  Chaouat has shared the stage with legendary artists such as Chelsea Grin, Wage War, Lorna Shore, and Oceans Ate Alaska.


Bassist Ron Bernhaut was born to a Broadway vocalist and dancer, thus has always had music in his DNA.  Bernhaut was awarded a full tuition scholarship to attend a Berklee College of Music five-week rock workshop. He has studied under David Marvuglio (Ice Nine Kills), received an endowed scholarship from Mike Gordon (Phish) and performed with anime rockstar Casey Lee Williams (RWBY). Bernhaut was a session bassist for the popular YouTube channel “Defunctland” summer of 2020. His bass work has received over 1.6 million streams on Spotify.


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